President Simina meets with Governor Green of Hawaii and US Indo-Pacific Command

Honolulu, Hawaii, September 15, 2023 (FSMIS) – While enroute to the United Nations General Assembly, His Excellency President Wesley W. Simina, took the opportunity to meet with T.H. Governor Josh Green of Hawaii, as well as visit the US Indo-Pacific Command Post to receive a briefing and discuss the security commitments under Title III of the Compact between the United States and the Federated States of Micronesia.

During the meeting with Governor Green, President Simina conveyed his profound sympathies for the calamitous wildfire that recently devastated Lahaina, Maui. President Simina and Governor Green discussed at some length the relief and rebuilding efforts that are ongoing in Lahaina, with President Simina assuring the FSM’s support and solidarity through its Hawaii consulate office. President Simina and Governor Green also discussed a number of topics of mutual importance, including the status of the pending amended compact package in US congress, assistance for FSM citizens that were impacted by the Lahaina wildfire, and potential health and medical personnel support to the FSM.

Following the meeting with Governor Green, President Simina visited the Indo-Pacific Command Post, where he was welcomed with an honors ceremony, part of which were two service members from the state of Kosrae. President Simina then met with Chief of Staff, Major General Joshua M. Rudd, along with other key staff, to discuss regional peace and security commitments between the US and the FSM , common goals and challenges, which included a deep dive on climate change implications on security in the region.
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